Tuesday, January 11

WOW! Apple has really done it now!

Can I please please please have one of these. Please!
I am so in LUST it hurts.

My favorite quote is near the bottom of the web page on the right.

Perfect for Programmers
Set a space-saving Mac mini atop your workstation PC and add a KVM switch to share keyboard, monitor and mouse. Mac OS X includes free developer tools for Mac, UNIX and Java. Test out a Mac version of your latest creation, instantly. Pretty soon you’ll be using the Mac full-time, with that PC relegated to the testbed.

OH! don't I wish!

Right now the lowest price computer at Dell.com is the Dimension 2400 for $449. Just $50 dollars cheaper! To be fair, the Dell does include a mouse monitor and keyboard, worth around $150. However, with a $40 KVM Switch you can use the keyboard mouse and monitor you already have (you do already have a computer don't you) !

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