Tuesday, March 30

Worst Album Covers

Oh, great! now there's coke all over my keyboard! And, if that wasn't enough here's more!

Monday, March 29

Template Tweaker II

I needed to actually write some code today and see it do something, so I decided to make some changes to my layout here.

I have been planing to move the archive list to the right for a while. So, today I just went and did it.

I also added the Firefox button on the left. I highly recommend using Firefox as your default browser, especially if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Tabbed browsing will change the way you surf the World Wide Web forever. I don't even remember how I got by with out it.

I'm reading The C++ Programing Language by Bjarne Stroustrup and I was getting sick of the theory and wanted to produce something. I have been trying to get through this book for about two years now. I have now read more of it than ever before. (I have to start from the beginning every five or six months because I get distracted for two or three weeks and when I come back I don't understand what I'm reading if I just start where I stopped.) So far, I understand objects inheritance, polymporphism, etc. I am currently wrestling with templates. They seem simple in theory, but I don’t completely understand how the function overloading resolution is done. With all the argument/type conversions and function overloading I have trouble reasoning exactly which function template will be called by a given function-argument configuration.

Tuesday, March 23

A Steamy Anecdote

Tonight Luke and Elijah discovered the wonderful effect of steam on the sinuses. In the bath Luke was blowing gobs of snot out of his nose and Elijah was wiping them off and setting them adrift in water. He would float them around in the water a little then pull them out and play with the stringy muck on his fingers then set them adrift again and get fresh snot from Luke. They had quite a little flotilla going before I stepped in and stopped the mucus production.