Wednesday, June 22

Current Status

According to the essay Ten Things You Can Do Today to Jump-start Success we should re-write our goals every day. Well, I'm not going to do that here but I have wanted to use this blog to keep track of the things I am doing. So, today I am going to treat you to a copy of my todo list.

  1. Create the config and control block diff data I promised Becky.
  2. Finish exercises from section 2.1 of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) Exercises 2.13 - 16.
  3. Work on the broach candidates study.
  4. Do wrist physical therapy exercises
  5. Work on "The space of solutions ought to be continuous in the space of problems." blog entry.
While I'm at it here is a list of books I'm reading ,or planning to read, and my current status.
  1. SICP [Section one of chapter two; out of five chapters, and 22 sections (I have personally done every exercise up to this point)]
  2. The C++ Primer [Finished three chapters of eighteen (I am doing just a few of the exercises)]
  3. The C++ Programing Language [I have read up to ch. 18, but I keep starting over. Currently in ch 14 of 25 (I am doing just a few of the exercises)]
  4. Higher Order Perl [I don't have a copy of this yet. Hint, hint.]
  5. The Global Positioning System and inertial Navigation [Reading chapter two of seven]
  6. National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual [Ugh!]

Tuesday, June 21

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated

Not that there were any rumors, but I haven't been posting as much as I'd like.

The Man is keeping me down! They blocked my web access access to Blogger from work.

I posted the last post using the e-mail interface to blogger. I sent the post using my Gmail account using the plain text format. I think that is what caused the strange line wrapping in the last post. Since I didn't like the funky line wraps and I couldn't use the blogger interface to get rid of them I didn't post anything for a while. (No, posting from home is not an option for reasons too complicated to go into here)

Now I am still using my Gmail account but I discovered the rich text option. I think that might overcome the line wrap problem. So I am writing this post to test if it does.

Sorry to waist your time.

Update: I fixed the line wrap problem in the previous post using the blogger interface from home.