Tuesday, June 29

Gmail me!

Woo hoo! I got a Gmail account today! The kind folks at Blogger, which is owned by Google, who also own Gmail, offered me a Gmail account. Since it's the latest thing for the technologically elite (and I have such a burning desire to be technologically elite) I jumped at the opportunity.

So, now I have three active email accounts. My work email is running all day, but it's Microsoft exchange and outlook which I'm not really crazy about. (I think it's losing my old emails) I check my SBCGlobal email (provided with my DSL connection) probably once a month it seems to be mostly junk. I think I will try to split the difference for my Gmail account.

I think I will redirect most of my mailing list traffic to that account. I have already redirected the mail for the two Perl mailing lists I am on to that account. In fact I may re-subscribe to some other mailing lists now that I have a place to send them that doesn't belong to the company.

Work email will be for work, Gmail will be for mailing lists and social stuff, and SBCGlobal will be for junk (email for registrations etc.).

Saturday, June 5

I have no idea what I'm doing.

There! I said it. I feel better.