Tuesday, January 18

Well here is a picture of me with my boys.

My fourth annual 29th birthday Posted by Hello

Hey this picture stuff is pretty easy! I like it!

First Picture post

Here is my first picture post to the blog.

I mentioned using hello and picassa to post pictures to my blog, well now I've done it!

Lightsabers in hand
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Atop the lush hilltop the jedi take a moment to catch their breath, refocus on the force and survey the battle unfolding before them.

Tuesday, January 11

WOW! Apple has really done it now!

Can I please please please have one of these. Please!
I am so in LUST it hurts.

My favorite quote is near the bottom of the web page on the right.

Perfect for Programmers
Set a space-saving Mac mini atop your workstation PC and add a KVM switch to share keyboard, monitor and mouse. Mac OS X includes free developer tools for Mac, UNIX and Java. Test out a Mac version of your latest creation, instantly. Pretty soon you’ll be using the Mac full-time, with that PC relegated to the testbed.

OH! don't I wish!

Right now the lowest price computer at Dell.com is the Dimension 2400 for $449. Just $50 dollars cheaper! To be fair, the Dell does include a mouse monitor and keyboard, worth around $150. However, with a $40 KVM Switch you can use the keyboard mouse and monitor you already have (you do already have a computer don't you) !

Tuesday, January 4

Happy New Year 2005

Last year I posted fifteen blog posts. Fifteen posts per year was much less than I hoped I would post when I started this blog. So my blogging new years resolution is to post at least once a week. There should be fifty two new posts here by the end of the year.

I think this is attainable because I have changed the way I think about this blog. When I started I planned to write stuff the world, or at least a couple hundred people(what's the difference really), would read. Now I'm pretty sure absolutely no one reads this. So it's actually rather private (in a public sort of way). When I first started reading and writing blogs I thought there were very few blogs so I thought my blog would constitute a non-trivial part of blogdom. But there are a billions of inane, narcissistic blogs out there. So now pseudologic will be just one more of trite blog lost in the sea of trite blogs.

This change of perspective is good because it allows me to be as useless and conceited as I was before, but only more so, specifically more frequently.

The upshot of all this is I will be practicing writing in a "public" place more often. And really, that is the reason I started this blog in the first place.

I also plan to write quicker and revise less. Some of my previous posts took a couple of hours to write. I now plan to write and publish the majority of my posts in less than half an hour.

So, dear reader, your part in all this, if you exist, is to expect a drop in quality equivalent to the increase in frequency.

Uh-oh! I think I just commited to posting more frequently once again.