Monday, September 15

Test Results

Well I think the stupid essay went well. I'm pretty sure I passed. I was a little disappointed in myself for not being a little more ironic and cynical. I was hoping to send the message that I was not happy having to take the test. Instead I wrote some sappy chicken soup for the soul type essay. I compared myself to Ward Cleaver, Beavers Dad, and I actually used the phrase "pitter patter of little feet". Blech! The writing topic was, discuss your different "selves". Who comes up with this stuff?

I just when to lunch with an old friend. I was one of the groom's men in his wedding a year ago. I just learned that he and his wife are split up and have been pretty much since they got back from the honeymoon. I'm really bummed out. The are both really decent people. I've known him since high school. He is probably the most honest loyal person I know. He may seem a little coarse at times, (he claims to be "guarantied to offend in five words or less") but he will always talk straight with you and you pretty much always know where you stand with him.

Oh well, off to run Pilot Carrier Phase Lock Loop Bandwidth tests.