Monday, September 22

KROQ's Inland Invasion

I went to KROQ's Inland Invasion III this Saturday. Brian came up with two tickets and Grandma agreed to watch the kids all day Saturday. It was a total blast. I never went to a festival/multi-band-concert before. Most of the bands were ok. I was most excited to see the Violent Femmes. For me they were the highlight of the show. Hot Hot Heat was a lot of fun too.

On the way home my wife, Betsy, got pretty sick with what ever my oldest kid, Elijah, had last week. This bug really opens the sluices at both ends!. Here's hoping I don't get sick as well.

Two pieces of knowledge were confirmed this weekend. First, I am getting a little old for this type of shenanigans. Second, the Violent Femmes kick butt.