Monday, March 29

Template Tweaker II

I needed to actually write some code today and see it do something, so I decided to make some changes to my layout here.

I have been planing to move the archive list to the right for a while. So, today I just went and did it.

I also added the Firefox button on the left. I highly recommend using Firefox as your default browser, especially if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Tabbed browsing will change the way you surf the World Wide Web forever. I don't even remember how I got by with out it.

I'm reading The C++ Programing Language by Bjarne Stroustrup and I was getting sick of the theory and wanted to produce something. I have been trying to get through this book for about two years now. I have now read more of it than ever before. (I have to start from the beginning every five or six months because I get distracted for two or three weeks and when I come back I don't understand what I'm reading if I just start where I stopped.) So far, I understand objects inheritance, polymporphism, etc. I am currently wrestling with templates. They seem simple in theory, but I don’t completely understand how the function overloading resolution is done. With all the argument/type conversions and function overloading I have trouble reasoning exactly which function template will be called by a given function-argument configuration.