Sunday, January 4

Introducing 2004

Well, it has been one hell of a year so far!

It started about two hours before midnight on New Years Eve. On the walk way into Cris' condo Betsy fell down a set of two steps she didn't see, and twisted her ankle. We stayed at Cris' to celebrate the New Year and had a pretty good time hanging out and playing Risk. We left at about twelve fiteen. On the way home we decided that since we were up, and the ankle looked pretty bad, we should go to the emergency room to make sure everything was ok. In the waiting room we sat next to a little girl with a broken arm who had been waiting for three hours, and still hadn't been admitted. With a wait that long we decided we could go home and get some sleep and come back the next day.

That night Grammy had offered to stay at our house with the boys so we could stay at Grammy's and sleep in after our revelries. When we arrived at Grammy's we noticed that the neighbors were still up and playing cards, and we thought we would go in and show them Betsy's swollen ankle. When they saw her ankle they immediately insisted on applying a Witch Hazel poultice. Applying the poultice took a few minutes and then they invited us to play cards and have some snacks with them. Minutes turned into hours and when we finally left to go to bed it was four AM. The Witch Hazel poultice worked wonderfully, and we decided not to go back to the emergency room. Today, four days later, the ankle is almost as good as new.

Our mistake was not completely disinfecting our selves after leaving the emergency room, or even washing our hands before we had snacks with the neighbors. The afternoon of the first Betsy and I came down hard with the flu. I was able to take TheraFlu to treat my symptoms but because she is pregnant Betsy could only take Sudafed and Tylenol. The flu wiped us out for the first and the second of the year. By the third I was a little better but Betsy was still having trouble getting out of bed. This morning, the fourth, we decided we would try to keep both boys at home and see if we could cope. Elijah had been spent the first and second at Grammy's.

Everything seemed to be going OK until naptime. Mom and Dad were wiped out, but the boys weren't quite ready for naps. I collapsed into bed and immediately fell asleep. Betsy was resting and reading on the couch when I fell asleep.

Apparently both of the boys got out of their beds at different times and Betsy had to put them back to bed. Luke finally went to sleep but Elijah tried getting up one more time so Mom had to put him back to bed. While walking thru the dinning room holding Elijah's hand Mom's sock slipped on the laminate floor and she fell down. In the panic of falling and while trying to regain her balance she forgot to let go of Elijah's hand. Elijah was pulled off balance and bumped his mouth on the leg of the dining room table. To make a long story slightly less long Elijah knocked out two of his teeth and twisted another one around enough that it will probably have to be surgically removed tomorrow.

I woke to the sound of a Betsy and Elijah crying and calling me. When I got to the dining room I saw both of them in a ball crying, and hugging on the dining room floor. I don't remember exactly what happened next but I do remember the first time I saw Elijah's tooth lying on the living room floor. I remember thinking, that can't be his tooth it has absolutely no blood on it at all. Elijah had blood all over the front of him but the two teeth were pristine white and longer than I expected.

We put ice on his gums to stop the bleeding and took him to the dentist. Grammy came over and babysat Luke while Mom, Dad and Elijah went to the dentist. (If you think Grammy is a hero, always sweeping in to help us out in a jam you are pretty close to the mark.) The dentist told us that trying to reinsert the teeth back in to the gums puts the teeth buds for the adult teeth at risk so we are better off just leaving Elijah at least two teeth light until the adult teeth grow in. We have to call an oral surgeon tomorrow to get an appointment to get the final word on the third tooth.

About thirty minutes after the whole incident Elijah was running around playing like a normal three year old. Later in the evening he was a little weepy, but Mom and I think it was because he never got to take his nap this afternoon. For dinner he wolfed down two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut up into small pieces. We gave him a tablespoon of Children's Tylenol before he went to bed but he was sound asleep long before that could have taken effect. We will see how things are tomorrow.